Blank Canvas

MD productions are more than just an entertainment company. We use creativity as a tool to engage, inspire, increase confidence and make change, whilst discovering the rough diamonds within our community, improving lives through a creative journey.

"We all start as Blank Canvas"

About The Project

"Performing Arts is not just about the stage, it’s recognising that every part of this creative journey as an enhancement to life skills."
- Miguel Doforo CEO MD Productions CIC

MD Productions has a vested interest in making a positive impact within the community which is the reason behind MD CIC. Miguel identified a need for a free community provision when he first set up MD Productions back in 2001 after seeing how people used dance as a form to release and escape, from this he wanted to create something which would remove barriers allowing more people to access classes within the company and after building up the repertoire of MD Productions he was then able to create MD CIC.

MD CIC currently run ‘The Blank Canvas Project’ which has an ethos of making change, instilling confidence, building communication skills and creating a safe space for people to dream, believe and achieve whilst identifying and removing some of the barriers that stand in people’s way. It takes people on a journey from a ‘Blank Canvas to Performance Ready, for work, for stage, for life’ - Offering a variety of free classes for anyone, any age, and where.

MD Productions want to captivate and engage the whole household whilst upskilling and instilling family values, making sure they cover everyone’s interests classes include; performing arts, creativity, cookery, hairdressing, make-up, DJ’ing, protective services and more, with their partners who deliver programmes for MD Training Academy, volunteering their time to give back to the community. Supporting the project, MD Commercial company dancers also volunteer their time during the Blank Canvas sessions to assist workshop leaders.

Blank Canvas welcomes in guest speakers to talk about issues people may face and how we can prevent those, also offering a support system for both the young people and adults whether they may just need to talk, have help writing a CV or ask for some guidance.

In a digital world we want to captivate people through creativity as well as technology, using these tools to gain life skills to in order to become interview ready, to be able to pitch ideas, to hold a business meeting, to talk confidently about their ambitions, as well as to help them to reach their full potential and achieve all of their hopes and dreams.

For more information on MD CIC project Blank Canvas, how you can become involved or be a part of our fundraising campaign please contact via

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